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Here's an unpleasant (but not surprising) statistic from the American Society of Clinical Nutrition: As men get older, they hold onto more body fat.

There are a couple different theories behind this, and a fascinating new program that claims it can help men get that coveted 6-pack in 4 minutes.


First, the culprits.


Studies show that as men age their metabolism slows down and they produce less testosterone, which helps the body burn fat for energy. This makes it difficult to fight off that beer belly and love handles.

Thus, guys do endless sit ups hoping to score rock hard abs; however, abdominal muscles are covered by a layer of fat, so if you can't reduce that layer, then you'll never have a washboard stomach. This leads men to doing intense cardio, but that could also be a mistake.

Cardio can increase your Cortisol levels. Cortisol is a steroid hormone, and if your levels are increased too much you body has difficulty releasing fat and burning it for energy. In fact, a study published in the book Why We Get Fat by Williams and Woods showed that 13,000 consistent runners all tended to get fatter every year.


One of the secret tricks fitness trainers use to score big results is through a process called High Intensity Interval Training (HITT). It grew in popularity after Angelo Tremblay and his team from the Physical Activity Sciences Laboratory at Laval University in Quebec, Canada published research results in the scientific journal Metabolism.

It showed that men who endured 15 weeks of interval training lost nine times more subcutaneous fat than men who did 20 weeks of steady-state endurance training.

So what does that mean for you?

Enter 4 Minute Abs. This new program that takes the lessons learned from Tremblay's Quebec team as well as numerous other studies, and puts it into a simple, easy-to-understand program that can help men reduce their body fat, get rock hard abs, and increase a man's energy levels — all from a four minute workout, done three days a week.

The program was developed by Jake Hunter, who's not a doctor, fitness guru or trainer. At 38-years-old his gut had become both embarrassing and exhausting, and no amount of insane workouts or ridiculous dieting would work. So he gave HITT a try and lost four inches off his waist, returning to the same pant size he sported in high school.

Hunter developed a book called 4 Minute Abs for the every man — because that's exactly who he is. He understands that men want to look good, but they have daily obligations keeping them busy. They also want to enjoy food and drinks with their family and friends. The 4 Minute Abs program lets guys have their life, while teaching them to exercise more efficiently so that they burn calories and fat even when not working out.

And the best part? You can try out the easy-to-follow 4 Minute Abs book risk-free for 2 whole months. If you're not happy and don't see at least 1 inch off your waistline, the company will refund your money within 60 days — no questions asked.

If you're tired of crazy cardio sessions, lifting tons of weights, doing insane ab crunches and seeing no results, then 4 Minute Abs is for you. With their money-back guarantee, there's literally nothing to lose—except the fat.


First time customers can grab their special trial offer just by clicking this link. This offer is good only while supplies last.



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