Dear 4 Minute Abs Client,

Please take a second and look at the picture to the right…

What you are looking at is a 1.5" x 40' rope.

Nothing out of the ordinary; it's the same kind of rope you might see used to tie large yachts to the docks at the marina.

However… this "ordinary" rope when used with 4 Minutes Abs can…

Turbo-Charge Your Fat Burning Results Faster Than Any Other Piece Of Exercise Equipment I've Ever Seen!

No, I'm not kidding! Look, I realized what I just said seems far-fetched. With all the exercise gadgets, complicated machines and 'quick fixes' out there right now, it seems insane that an ordinary rope of all things can get you into the best shape of your life – much faster than a $2,500 exercise machine could.

But you know what… as crazy as it sounds and as much as I hate to admit this… it is 100% TRUE.

You see, I've never been a huge fan of exercise gadgets and equipment, mostly because I've seen plenty of guys get into kick-butt shape with nothing more than a pair of gym shoes and a little bit of motivation. So anytime people start talking about buying new exercise equipment, the first thing I used to tell them was to…

Save Your Money, Because You Don't Need That Stuff.

As painful as it is for me to say… I've since changed my way of thinking.

That's because I stumbled onto a single piece of exercise equipment that does it all! It shreds body fat, tones muscles you didn't even know you had and builds explosive and functional strength...


This means instead of having to 'mix in' weight lifting and bodyweight exercises with the 4 Minute Abs program – you can get all that done in the same short workout, leaving you more time to relax and do the things you want to do!

And that's why I'm so excited to tell you how I discovered this breakthrough… and exactly what it means for YOU!

Here's the story… last April my dad called me up and asked if I'd be interested in meeting up with him and a couple of his buddies at their yearly company golf outing.

Now, I'm not much of a golfer – mostly because I'm terrible at it and don't get much enjoyment out of embarrassing myself in front of groups of people. But I hadn't seen my dad in a while so I figured, what the hell.

I left my house, ended up getting stuck in traffic and showed up to the course 15 minutes late. I made my way over to the tee… took a glance over at my dad and…

Couldn't Believe My Eyes!

Now my dad, by the way, is 5' 10" and usually weighs in at around a chubby 235 lbs. And he's no spring chicken either; he's pushing 70. He's at the age where most guys kind of give up on working out and just 'settle' into old age.

So you can imagine my complete and utter shock when I saw him standing there with a flat stomach… toned arms… and from what it looked like to me, at least…

20 lbs Lighter Since The Last Time I Saw Him!

I immediately asked him if he'd been following my workout program… and as a big Cheshire-cat grin crossed his face, he pointed to the green and simply said "Tee off."

So I did… and slammed the ball down the fairway darn near 250 yards, which I was betting would be good 30+ yards farther than my dad or any of his buddies could do. I was feeling pretty good about myself and how I was doing…

Until my dad lined up in the tee box… planted his feet… and just NAILED the ball like it was…

Shot Out Of A Cannon!

His buddies gasped in disbelief! I myself was so shocked I spilled my beer all over the golf cart. By the time that ball stopped, which seemed like forever, it had sailed more than 30 years farther than mine!

Must have been luck, right? Yeah, that's what I thought, until the ninth hole when he just smashed the ball a good 20-30 yards farther than mine and kept it up every single time like clockwork.

I was shocked! I was humiliated! And most of all… I was as curious as a kid on Christmas morning!

I mean, how in the world does an almost 70-year-old man have enough strength, core stability and flexibility to outdrive an in-shape guy in his 30's by a country mile? On top of that, how did he lose all that weight so quickly?

Well, to make a long story short… my dad had a secret. And after the outing, he agreed to show me what it was.

Those last nine holes seemed like an eternity. I couldn't stop thinking about what I just saw and wondering what the heck this 'secret' was all about.

Needless to say, after I four putted the 18th hole… I bolted like a crazed maniac back to my dad's house. When we got there we went down to the basement and he pointed at this long rope wrapped around a support beam.

The first thought that came to my mind (and I actually said out loud) was…

"What the heck is that thing?"

He then laughed and said, "That 'thing' is the thing I used to flatten this stomach and outdrive you by 30 yards!"

Now I love my dad, but when he told me this I thought maybe he was losing it. Not only was I in really good shape, I also know some of America's top trainers and exercise scientists – so when it comes to exercise equipment and fat-loss shortcuts, I was pretty darn sure I had already seen it all.

So I had one hell of a time believing him when he said he lost all that weight and gained all that strength with just these weird-looking ropes.

It just didn't make sense and went against everything I THOUGHT I knew about exercise. I mean, either you lose fat or you gain strength – you can't do both at the same time, especially just with some kind of rope.

But... my dad had never lied to me about anything in his life… so I knew deep in my gut he was telling me the truth. Plus, once I thought about it… I remembered hearing hushed conversations and whispers about professional NFL, MMA and NHL players using 'ropes' as part of their fitness routines and becoming world champions. I just never thought much about it... until that moment.

So even though at that time I didn't understand exactly how they worked… I just had to try them myself and see what all the fuss was about.

Figuring it would be easy, I reached down, grabbed both ends of the rope and got to work. In ONLY 15 seconds my heart rate was in the "fat burning zone" and the muscles in my shoulders, arms and hands were starting to get tight, like a pair of guitar strings!

By the time I hit just 30 seconds, I was spent!  My metabolism was cranking, my muscles were jacked like I had been pumping iron for an hour and, interesting enough, the nagging shoulder pain I had for years seemed to almost disappear!

Never in my life had I used a piece of equipment that could burn fat, build muscle and make me stronger… all at the same time!

I guess this is why, in 2013, you see these ropes making their way to rehab facilities, elite sports camps and high-performance fitness centers all around the world.

I quickly realized that by complete accident my dad had stumbled upon…

The Missing Link In Fat Loss And Strength Gain For Guys Over 35 Who Don't Want To Live In The Gym!

And after trying out these ropes myself and experiencing first hand the amazing benefits… I knew the exact reason how my dad at nearly 70 years old (imagine what it will do for YOU!) could drop so much weight so fast.

You see, unlike traditional exercise equipment, these ropes have a very unique advantage that no other total-body piece of equipment that I know of has. That is… they allow you to keep going at your own pace, even when you get tired! This means you can keep your muscle activated longer – resulting in higher caloric burn, more fat loss and a drastic increase in muscular strength… even if you aren't in great shape now!

Another HUGE benefit that sold me on these ropes is the sheer convenience. All you need is a basement pole, or a tree stump outside, or a car tire or any other easy anchor point and you can get an INCREDIBLE workout…

Anytime YOU Want, Anywhere YOU Want!

This is perfect for guys who like to do a quick morning workout outside in the fresh air instead of inside a dingy basement. It also sure beats the hassles of fighting traffic on the way to the gym. I don't know about you, but I can think of a million better ways to spend my time than getting up earlier than I need to and driving to the gym… then getting there and unpacking my bag, then working out... then changing again… packing up the bag again… to fight the same traffic on the way home… AGAIN!

Heck, with these ropes you'll get a full body, fat-burning/muscle-building workout done in virtually the….

Same Time It Would Take You To Pack Your Gym Bag

And Just Start Your Car!

This is a BIG deal because you and I both know the #1 reason why guys like us don't stick to an exercise program is for the simple fact that nobody has the time or even the discipline to grind out a 60 minute boring workout every day.

But not with these ropes! No way… you'll get the job done in just minutes, so finding time to 'squeeze in' a workout is no longer an issue.



Are These Ropes Right For You?

Maybe. Maybe not...

If you answered YES to any of those questions, then you've GOT to try these ropes for yourself, because…

They Will Make All The Difference In The World!

The problem is up until just recently it was virtually impossible to find a premium 1.5" x 40' rope (very important!) anywhere.

Sure, you could get the inferior fitness ropes ($250+) online. But using the 'el cheapo' ropes that actually cost more than the premium ropes that I use ain't gonna get you anywhere near the same fat-burning, muscle-building results.

Why? Because they aren't as flexible. Which means they'll bind up and prevent you to maintaining the proper form while using it – which defeats the whole purpose.

Now some guys might be OK selling inferior products like that to the public – but I'm not. That's why after months of painstaking research and thousands of dollars spent, I struck up a deal with a company to custom manufacture to my exact specifications a small number of premium ropes for my best clients who want to get into the best shape of their lives FAST!

So What Does This Mean For You?

Plenty, because if you act right now I'll put up a $100 bucks of my own money to get one of these premium "magic ropes" in your hands very quickly, so you can experience the amazing results first hand.

And since most guys aren't sure how to best use them, I've already included them as one of the exercises you can use with The 4 Minutes Abs program you just purchased. In addition to that, I just finished up an impressive quick-start guide that I'll include with your with rope that will show you ….

  • How to lose fat up to 900% faster than traditional exercises with the magic ropes in just 4 minutes!

  • You'll discover the 3 of the best fat burning exercises very few people know about that work like gangbusters with these ropes! Best of all, they are easy to understand and won't tear up your joints or leave you sore for days!

  • How to build amazing functional strength without touching a dumbbell!

I'm talking about the kind of strapping muscle that you need to move a heavy couch upstairs. The kind of explosive strength you need to whack the golf ball a mile down the fairways. And the kind of raw power to take care of any physical business you might need to.

You can't buy this kind of comfort and piece of mind at any price. But you can EARN it with these ropes.

  • How to build an incredibly powerful core that will make you virtually immune to lower back pain!

It's no secret that building a strong core is the foundation to a strong body. In the quick start guide I'll show you how to do that quickly and easily, without having to do a single boring sit-up or mindless crunches!

It's also important to know that using the "magic ropes" as your choice of exercise with 4minute abs that you an additional bonus, which is the fact that they are…

Fun And Challenging!

Let's face it; if you're not having fun or enjoying yourself while you're working out, you're not going to stick with it no matter how good it works. But with the "magic' ropes, that will no longer be an issue because no two workouts ever have to be the same… making every time you do it fun and exciting!

Now look – I realize if you never used these ropes before, some of this may be hard to believe. I'm with you on that, because quite frankly I didn't believe it myself until I tried it… and first hand experienced AMAZING results!

So I'm not going to ask you to believe me right now. Instead, I've arranged a special deal for you to try out these special ropes…

Absolutely Risk Free!

When you get them, what I'd like you to do is try them out at your home (no need to go to the gym!) with your The 4 Minute Abs program, for a full 60 days.

If you can honestly tell me that you haven't lose at least 3 inches of fat off your stomach… gained a TON of strength… added muscle to your shoulders and arms and don't feel at least 10 years younger….

Just send them back to me in any condition for a fast and complete refund of your purchase price.

The bottom line is, I'm not happy if you're not happy. And if you're not completely satisfied and getting the results you expected, I insist you ask for your money back. That's the way I wish other businesses had treated me, and so that's the only way Jake Hunter will do business.

But… You Need to Do It NOW

Because the Hunter Fitness 'Magic' Ropes are inspected, packed and shipped right here in America and are not outsourced to some place overseas like most all the other guys who sell ropes do, that means our profit margins on these ropes are embarrassingly low. This is why I can only keep a handful or so in stock for my 4 Minute Abs customers only.

Because you're a valued customer and I really appreciate your business, I pulled some strings and set one aside for you … but only if you order right now!

So how much is the premium "magic rope" and quick-start guide going to cost (if you decide to keep them?)

Just so you know, a premium quality 1.5" x 40' rope (the material alone) can easily command a price tag of $275 (feel free to check around online.)

And considering it replaces an entire gym membership, it's actually worth a heck of a lot more than that. It's like a $1,000 Universal machine, a $500 treadmill and $400 gym membership all wrapped up in one inexpensive, convenient and dynamic piece of equipment!

Now of course, I'm not going to ask you to pay that much… even though it's well worth it. Instead, I've put together an amazing deal for you that includes…

1. The "magic rope" – easily a $275 value!

2. Quick-Start DVD – a $39 value!

3. UPGRADED priority shipping! – a $49 Value!

That's a $363 value and you get it ALL now – or while the small supply of magic ropes last – for a low price of just…


That's $66 bucks less than what that package is priced in my catalog, and a true bargain considering these will last you a lifetime.

But I'm not done yet. Like I said, I'm so excited for you to try this and experience the amazing results that I'm going to throw in $100 of my own money to make this a no-brainer decision for you!

That's right… when you say YES and click the add to cart button now… you are not going to pay $297 like everyone else. You'll get it all for the rock-bottom price of …

Only $197! (plus $38 shipping)


I know, I know… the ropes are worth a lot more than that by themselves. But I'm so excited for you to try this, I'll sacrifice my profits to get you the results you need fast!

Teaching this stuff is lot more fun when you are able to get your clients the fast results they are looking for. And that's exactly what these ropes will do for you, faster than you could possibly imagine!

But you really need to try this out for yourself. Remember, you don't risk a dime. All the burden is on ME to prove it to you that all I said about the 'magic' ropes is really true!

The only thing is, you must hurry because it's not a question of 'if' I'll run out of supply… it's a question of 'when'. The way things look around here, that can happen anytime today. So if you want in on the action, you need to do it NOW!

Take care





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